Neuer Beitrag


Eoin Duignan is a gifted musician and composer and has lived in Dingle since 1979. His enchanting and uplifting melodies have touched the hearts of listeners, both young and old, down through the years. The casual listener will be drawn as if by magic to the music's inner core; entranced not only by the shapes and turns of melody but also well-spring of emotions that the pieces portray.

Eoin has developed his own distinctive musical style, that is original in a traditional mode. It ranges from the haunting slow airs to the lively percussive reels and jigs which have enchanted audiences worldwide and set them dancing wherever he has played. He is a renowned uilleann piper and low whistle player influenced at an early age by the master pipers Seamus Ennis and Leo Rowsome.


The music for the fairy tale is from the album Timeless